This would be the result of a fight between Vegetto and Gogetta in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super revitalized the Akira Toriyama franchise by adding a series of new characters and turning some of the fan favorites into canonical ones, like Gogeta and Broly.

With this new merger being made official, many fans may have wondered what the big difference is between Gogeta and Vegetto, and who would be stronger in a battle.

Well, this is exactly what we are going to answer in today’s post.

Warning: we’ll talk about Dragon Ball Super spoilers below. You have been warned!

When Vegetto first appeared in Dragon Ball Z, it was a desperate attempt by Vegeta and Goku to beat Majin Buu, after he absorbed a series of powerful fighters.

Gogeta was the only solution that Goku and Vegeta found to fight Broly, who had become Super Saiyan after his father’s death and expanded his power exponentially.

If it were possible for the two mergers to face each other with the characters executing the merger with the same fighting power, which one would be the victor?

The result of a fight between Vegetto and Gogetta in Dragon Ball Super

This question was asked in the past to Akira Toriyama, and he gave a very interesting answer to the question: it depends.

According to the creator of Dragon Ball, if the fight took more than half an hour, Vegetto would win, after all, the Metamoru Fusion has this time limit.

If the fight ended before half an hour, however, the winner would be Gogeta, as the Metamoru Fusion is more powerful than the Potara Fusion.

So it depends a lot on how the fight unfolds, but I highly doubt that a fight between Gogeta and Vegeta would take that long to finish.

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Dragon Ball Super is currently on hiatus. The anime ended in March 2018 with the end of the Tournament of Power.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the manga continues to be published monthly with unprecedented adventures.

In this new phase, Goku and Vegeta face a new challenge: Granolah, the survivor. This character suffered at the hands of the Saiyans at the behest of Freeza in the past, and now seeks revenge.

You can follow the Dragon Ball Super anime in its entirety on Crunchyroll, in its original language with Portuguese subtitles.

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