Thomas Jengis Chemnitz clinic chief dead

Chemnitz mourns the doctor. Thomas Jengis (55). On Tuesday morning, the head of the Chemnitz Clinic fell out of the clinic building on Flemmingstrasse. He died on the spot of serious injuries.

“I have just heard of the tragic death of the doctor and I was very shocked. The experience of Thomas Jengis. Yesterday evening (Monday, note 50, SPD) said Tuesday morning.

Doctorate. Jendges was only appointed managing director of the largest urban hospital in East Germany in April and has been the sole managing director since October 1st. He left his wife and son.

The background to the accident is unclear. So far, however, everything points to a tragic suicide.

Sven Schultz said on Tuesday afternoon that the Chemnitz Clinic, despite the unfortunate death of the doctor. Thomas Genches is still able to act. Schultz: “The expanded management team will be running the business for the next few days.”

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