Thomas Randele, The exemplary neighbor who managed to hide his dark past

Thomas Randele, The exemplary neighbor who managed to hide his dark past

Randall, who lives in Boston, USA, is a devoted husband and father, a golfer who always plays by the rules, and a kind person. No one doubted him, much less believed that he had committed a crime until he confessed it on his deathbed.

In 2021, the man died of terminal lung cancer at the age of 71, but he didn’t want to take his big secret to his grave, so on his deathbed he decided to tell family and close ones that he had previously stolen money from a bank for 50 years, His real name is Ted Conrad.

Of course, no one believed him at first until they decided to confirm the information and notify the authorities after his death in order to finally close the case.

In the summer of 1969, on Friday, July 11 to be precise, one of the biggest bank robberies ever occurred in Cleveland, Ohio. A young man named Ted Conrad, a brick-and-mortar worker, fled with $215,000, which today would be closer to $1.6 million, or more than $6 billion in Colombian pesos.

MRandom News Thomas Randele, The exemplary neighbor who managed to hide his dark past

Conrad would have noticed that the security of the society state bank was not very good and he could easily withdraw money from the vault without attracting attention, so he has been telling his friends since then that he intends to rob this places, as confirmed one of them is the “Fox News” chain.

The Cold Case Unit is looking for 4 Theodore Conrad, who stole $215,000 from a Cleveland, Ohio bank in 1969.

The 20-year-old began to be hunted by the police, although he was never heard from again and never located. He just disappeared. His family even started to believe he was dead because no one knew what happened to him.

Some half a century later, in May 2021, it is possible that the case will close and it will be discovered that the fugitive has moved to Boston and changed his identity to mislead authorities.

Apparently, the idea was to rob a bank and then figure out a way to reconnect with family and friends.

However, after realizing the validity of the investigation and the seriousness of the crime for which he is wanted by the authorities, he decides to abandon his life as Ted Conrad and start a new life in order to avoid being found by the authorities. authorities.

The man, who was supposed to be on a plane that night hours after the incident, did not learn of the robbery until the next day, so he was able to escape in peace.

He is believed to have arrived in Boston in 1970, but it has not been established exactly when he changed his identity.

The fugitive took up golf and even taught the game at a local club.

In 1982, he married a woman named Kathy, and they have an only child. This man loves them so much that many see him as a devoted father and husband. In turn, his behavior was exemplary and worthy of the admiration of those who knew him.

The last 40 years of his life were devoted to working in a car dealership where he got great referrals and made a great group of friends.

He lived on the outskirts of the city until his death.

The bank robber was so well known that he even starred in Unsolved Crime Stories and TV shows, so 52 years later his capture hit the headlines of every newspaper in the country.

In response, his friends at the time of the robbery all said that the crime he committed was nothing more than a simple youth mistake, and they remembered him as a great man.