Tiger Woods is found dead or still alive? is shoot Whats happened spam text?

Tiger Woods car crash shoot today?

A spam message is reaching the world with the false news of the death of Tiger Woods, please ignore the text.

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Tiger Woods is serious about his intentions and won’t give up on golf and his love for it. Woods announced the junior golf tournament via social media. It takes place at Pebble Beach and the Links in Spanish Bay. Here’s a message from Tiger Woods:
“I am delighted to welcome young golfers from all disciplines to the TGR JR Invitational at TaylorMade,” Woods tweeted.

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“Hosting this event at The Hay at Pebble Beach is the perfect venue to provide a fun and competitive atmosphere for a group of talented young golfers.”

David Abeles, president and CEO of TaylorMade Golf, is excited about the opportunity.

He hopes this is the ideal opportunity for young golfers to showcase their talents. He is particularly excited about the partnership with TGR Live and Pebble Beach. “The TGR JR Invitational at TaylorMade is a great opportunity for us to continue improving the game of golf,” said David Abels.

“We are proud to partner with TGR Live and Pebble Beach to bring young golfers an unforgettable experience.” Pebble Beach President and CEO David Stevers is excited about the project.

This will only prolong the good relationship with Tiger Woods. “Tiger has a long history at Pebble Beach and we are excited to deepen that with the TGR JR Invitational,” said David Stivers. “The Pebble Beach Company is committed to elevating the game of golf, which is one of the main reasons we partnered with Tiger and his company TGR Design to create The Hay.

With the support of longtime TaylorMade partners, this event will advance our mission by providing young golfers with an experience of a lifetime. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for young golfers.