Tim McCarver dead and obituary, legendary MLB broadcaster died

Former All-star catcher Tim McCarver, who served as the World Series’ announcer for many years, passed away at the age 81.

McCarver spent 21 seasons in Major League Baseball, playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, Expos and Red Sox. He was part of the Red Sox’s World Series teams in 1964 and 1967, and he played in the All-Star game in 1966 and 1967.

McCarver accumulated 97 home runs and 645 RBIs in his career 1,909 game regular-season schedule. He hit .271 with a WAR of 28.3.

His role as a popular sports broadcaster led him to call 24 World Series on ABC, CBS and Fox as a color commentator for the Mets, Yankees, Cardinals, Giants and Phillies.

In 2012, the Ford Frick Award was given to McCarver by the Baseball Hall of Fame. After this, he was granted the title of “translator” for baseball because of his ability to discuss the game from a catcher’s perspective.

Joe Buck was McCarver’s on-air partner for 18 years; he provided a heartwarming sendoff after McCarver’s last World Series broadcast in 2013.

I wish to thank Fox for giving the MLB credibility by airing baseball games from October through the final game each year. I do so on behalf of the MLB, which is comprised of Major League Baseball. As an adolecent World Series participant in 1996, I believed I was in danger due to my deception. However, my apprehension lessened when I looked to my right and saw Buck Aaron as a confidante. I have the best understanding of this field than anyone. My father knew this to be true and I am humbled by this fact.

Tim McCarver was an All-Star, World Series Champion and a valued teammate. He was also one of the most influential people in baseball with regard to his voice. Since he started his 21-year career, McCarver has been involved in multiple successful Phillies and Cardinals teams. Tim’s attention to detail and analysis from the booth brought people even closer to understanding the game and its rules. His work helped fans better understand Cardinals, Yankees and Mets games played in the booth.