Timbit is dead? Foodie Beauty stream Peetz his cat has leukemia

Timbit was an elderly little lady & had feline leukemia. While the room she was kept in was dirty, even with a clean environment and regular vet care a little over 80% don’t live past 3 years with this so it is unlikely Peetz simply chose to euthanize her instead of treating her.

Peetz neglected his cat to the point where Timbit suffered with untreated cancer, she ate food on wet cardboard, and probably hardly had her litter box changed. Timbit died of neglect and FUCK Peetz for making her suffer for as long as she did.

RIP Timbit. I honestly hope that I’m not correct about the flea infestation, if I am right then I fear BBJ will be next. Flea infestations can cause anemia which can be fatal. Chantel wouldn’t leave the fleas untreated hoping to rid herself of the cats. No one’s that evil right?

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