Tina Tintor is dead, identified as woman who burned alive

TINA Tintor has been identified as the woman who was burned to death after the attacker star Henry Lagos III hit her car when it was allegedly damaged. According to local reporters, during his appearance in court, Rugers was accused of driving at a speed of 156 miles per hour, which Judge Joe Bonaventure said was the highest speed he heard on the bench.

The prosecutor claimed that Ruggs’ blood was drawn within two hours, and his alcohol concentration was 0.161, more than twice the legal limit. Allegedly, the star also illegally possesses guns.

The judge set Ruggs’ bail at $150,000, and if he is released, he will receive the highest level of electronic surveillance. Stars will have to abstain from alcohol and other controlled substances. He was also ordered not to drive and will hand over his passport. At the hearing, Lagos only said “yes, sir.”

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