Tinfoilchef dead, Whats happened? Tinfoil Chef passed away

TinFoilChef, also spelled Tinfoil Chef or abbreviated as TFC, is a YouTuber and member of Hermitcraft. He joined Season 2 and was an active member until his death. He has 111,000 subscribers. His most viewed video is Apology – Hermitcraft 8 EpX

TinFoilChef joins Hermitcraft Season 2 at the same time as Sl1pg8r, Spumwack, and Marriland, all of whom are playing with Hermits on FTB servers. During his first few weeks on the server, TinFoilChef took over a small island on which he built several farms and a cobblestone shack, which he called a “very humble abode.”

When the server was updated to 1.7, he was one of the first people to move to New Hermiton and build a giant stained glass replica of a red mushroom with several underground farms and an open pit mine leading to his base. This base is an incomplete little castle on the top of a hill not far from New Hemiton, surrounded by several large farms and a motel not far away (called Motel 1.7), an iconic racetrack architecture. In addition to these bases, he has created a number of other projects, including a shop called Needfull Things that sells tools and armor, as well as his participation in the ABBA Cave Tournament and UHC. He directed 52 episodes this season.

TinFoilChef appeared on a plot of land next to ZombieCleo at the start of Season 3, building a small semi-subterranean house, a large ball of green wool he named the Great Green Hairy Eyeball, and a line of water leading to his area down the tunnel. Crown Hall. His base in season 3 was a bunker under a forest, and on the surface it didn’t look like much.

He had his own boxes (though not doing much work) at the Iron Ball Arena and Christmas Village, both marked with his banners, and he started an organization called C.O.F.F.E.E. Take revenge on the tea eaters. However, the only other confirmed member of the group is xBCrafted, although Topmass was rumored to be an honorary member during one of xBCrafted’s livestreams.

TinFoilChef settled near ImpulseSV in the Season 4 Uptown and initially built a house out of playing cards made of diorite, but eventually demolished the structure (except the one below) to create a house made of blue glass and diamond blocks A huge diamond.

He built a large suburban home and a Patreon memorial next to DangLand, as well as a large base called G.U.T.S, which is completely underground. (Underground Big Tree System), a place where he never revealed the location, but started a treasure hunt. All of his major builds in season 4 were tied together by his open pit.