Tinieblas Jr. reappears in Hoy and apologizes to Macky

The controversy in which the Mexican fighter was involved Darkness Jr., by “spanking” the athlete Macky in the contest The Stars Dance Today, climbed to levels never thought, as the gladiator was the subject of much criticism and accusations.

And is that the masked touched his dance partner’s buttocks without her consent, which caused even the team to break down. And is that Macky claimed to have felt violated and attacked by the fighter; since he never authorized this to happen.

After almost a week of this event, Tinieblas Jr., reappeared on the Hoy program with his former partner, where he claimed to be sorry for his act and the comments he gave at that time; Well, he assured that his partner was not a professional when he stopped dancing.

“I want to ask you a sincere apology for what I did, for the attitude I had and for having said that you are unprofessional, since anyone who does not feel comfortable in this situation has the right to say, and in this case you did. and I thought it was very good, brave of you ”commented the fighter.

And although Macky accepted the apology, she did not stop emphasizing that the fact was not consensual and sent a message so that no woman is silent in this type of situation.

“It is worth a lot to me that you are here, that you offer these apologies. I want them to know that since we were backstage you offered me an apology. However, what happened on that day was not consensual. Television serves to break paradigms and never remain silent, “said Macky about the act of Darkness.

Although things seem calmer between the two of us, Macky has not stopped pointing out that he does not plan to re-team with Tinieblas Jr., something that has been understood by producers and the wrestler himself, since there was never consent for him to touch her that way.