Tiwa Savage’s leaked s3x video shared on social media – download

Nigerian superstar Afro-beat female singer Tiwa Savage revealed in an interview that someone tried to blackmail her with a s3x video of herself and the man she is currently dating.

According to her, even if everyone around her is worried, including her man, she will not allow herself to be blackmailed because she may pay the ransom they demand, and the blackmailer may come back again and ask for another money. She added that you may never know, but even if she even obeys the blackmailer’s request, the s3x tape may eventually be released, so no one will be allowed to blackmail her to do something natural.

Tiwa Savage yelled for being blackmailed on a s3x tape. During a sit-in with Power105, the whispering singer of “Someday someone came to me” described how she left the radio station and received a message from her road manager insisting that she check the video on her phone .

Tiwa Savage said that when she checked her phone, she was shocked by the content of the video and revealed that it was a s3x tape of the person she is currently dating.Tiwa Savage said that she sent the video to her manager, who was also shocked, and later asked the blackmailer how much money.

When asked if the blackmailer was the person she was dating, Tiva Savage replied that her lover was also shocked and did not know the s3x video.

Tiwa Savage also added that she would not condone blackmailers because she knew that if she paid him, he would continue to ask for more, and he might eventually release s3x tapes.

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