Tom Brusse’s viral video everyone’s talking about

As I said at that time, “cowardice” is not only a popular miracle of Isabel Pantoja y Chiquetete, cousin of JLo de Cantora (Sylvia), but also a confidant who tries to disrupt the kitchen is manifested in Tom Brusse’s industrial numbers . Show “Last Supper” with Melissa, they had to cook near the KH7 commercial.

The anonymous public enemy of former “Island of Temptation” contestant made the dirty dishes on the Tom Bruce dishwasher washing program (pictured) out of nowhere, because we don’t even know his identity. This graduate circulates in the CCC superior of the bilingual ‘Metro Shit’ (metermierdé in French as Esteban speaks).

Jorge Javier Vázquez’s fantasy can come true: an informant assures Tom Brusse that he also likes men
The accused informant pointed out that the man from Marrakech completed a José Antonio Avilés (fake butt) in “Les Roches” in Marbella and received his master’s degree, while Cristina Cifuentes (who was a diner) looked at him in surprise and thought it was not so much.

He also assured that Melissa’s predecessor was an impostor financially (it is not as golden as it glitters), and even this anonymous said that Bruce’s “Last Supper” was a very generous plate of macaroni, we already know that it is not because of spaghetti (as I feared, which has no identity, not Tom).

Yesterday, September 2, Tom Brusse wanted to go to Mediaset’s mop closet, where Nagore and his group of lively and resourceful young people did a daily stream titled “Survival: After the Show” on Mitel Plus. The presenter was as daring as she was and the former survivor asked about the content of the video. We didn’t even see him (like Sia) and we got so famous. He replied the following:

“Nothing, the thing is being speculated, but what is the content of that video. There is no video. The thing has been hinted at, but I hope they stop talking about this issue because it has been sued.

I have been blackmailed and harassed, but nothing can damage my image. They spoke of her injury, “When I went to look for her, the guest took her mother to tell her that the girl was tired of the disaster!”

Nagore wants to know if this famous secret short film starring Tom Brusse contains certain details related to what he calls bisexuality, or on the contrary, if it contains action images of Tiger Tom, that is, in any form of sexual relationship. The apocalyptic character of Telecinco last television season did not want to solve this problem again and asked the program to resort to something else, the butterfly.

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