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Tony Britts is a British Ghanaian who is famous for his physique and has recently become famous for it. He was born in Ghana on November 24. He currently lives in the UK and pursues a career in fitness and bodybuilding.

Tony also worked as a fitness trainer for the BBC, which brought him exposure and exposure to the public. He also dances and choreographs and the dance moves are great. However, Tony is no longer with us today as he was reportedly diagnosed with AIDS and passed away in 1988 at the age of 32.

Tony Britts is a British fitness expert from Ghana. He was born in Ghana and grew up in London, England. He died in 1988. Tony Blitz is 5’9″ with dark hair and dark eyes. He weighs about 74 kg and has a size of N/A.

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Anthony Menson Amuah aka Tony Britts is known as a fitness trainer and bodybuilder. He was born in Ghana on November 24, 1955 and grew up in London, England. Anthony became popular when he started working as a fitness trainer on a BBC TV show.

In addition to his fitness expertise, he is a dancer and also teaches dance. He has great dance moves that help him get into the limelight. Today, however, he is no longer with us, as he died of illness in 1988. According to sources, he suffered from AIDS for a long time, which is why he died.