Tori lynn dk metcalf Instagram – TORI LYNN Leaked Photos Going Viral Over DK METCALF Stuff

NFL champion DK Metcalf became popular on social media after the puzzling comments of OnlyF model Tori Lynn. Celebrities are no strangers to scandals. However, Torrey said that the Seattle Seahawks receiver approached her when planning the “foursome”, which attracted attention. To support her statement, she even shared screenshots of the so-called conversation she had with DK.

The OnlyF model posted these revelations on Snapchat, which was captured by Egotastic Sports and shared on their official Instagram account. In the video, Tori claims that DK wants a “group of four.” The overlaid text read: “How can an NFL player be so dirty to me, not let me sign any disclosure form, and believe that I will not disclose his address on the Internet without any security guarantees.”

She said that DK called her and asked her to drive to Seattle so they could go out to play, but then changed her mind. Apparently, when he asked her to go back, she was approaching his house.

The next day, Tori shared a few screenshots showing her so-called conversation with DK. This shows that she was asked to leave and return to his home at 1:00 am because he wanted a “group of four.”

The message shown in the screenshot is: “I called to turn around. I tried to get these other girls to spend 4.” Another screenshot shared by Egotastic Sports shows a request from DK’s so-called Snapchat account to Tori, which is waiting to be accepted.

DK did not respond to Tori’s statement, although he has been active on social media. Just a few hours ago, on October 27th, he posted a poster for the 1989 animated film “All Dogs Go to Heaven” on Twitter, urging his followers to watch it.

And, yesterday, he shared a long philosophical note about life and what people should expect from it. Perhaps, DK didn’t seem to notice the viral video, although it attracted a lot of attention

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