The Torito Tec video leaked on twitter that went viral and is on reddit

A video that shows a woman and a waiter performing an erotic dance in Torito Sinaloense goes viral on social networks.

A customer and a waiter star in a shocking video of them explicitly dancing at a south Monterey restaurant, saying the video quickly went viral on social media.

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The events occurred last weekend in a popular business called Torito Sinaloense, located at the intersection of Estado Avenue and Agroónomos Street in the Tecnológico neighborhood.

“Friends, I came to Torito Tec to have dinner with my family and I recommend it, 100% family atmosphere,” tweeted @SurvivorFenix ​​sarcastically along with the video.

In the published images, you can see the participants and the restaurant staff dancing while the waiter hugs the young woman, who lifts her shirt to completely expose her chest.

Seconds later, the young man took advantage of her to kiss her breasts.

In other videos they not only freaked out, in another, the same girl was dancing with two other women, one of whom lifted her skirt while she was dancing to reveal what she was wearing underneath it.

For his part, the waiter identified as Carlos Onofre posted on his Facebook account that he was fired from him.

Social network users identified the young woman as Magaly Medina, an Onlyfans model who shared explicit content.