Track? Modric’s comment on the possible arrival of Mbappé to Real Madrid

Modric spoke before the expected duel between Liverpool vs Real Madrid to define one of the two remaining places in the semifinals of the Champions League. The Croatian was not only rebuked for the commitment, but also for the future of Madrid with some stars, especially Mbappe. The Frenchman has been linked to the white team, but for now everything is speculation.

«I don’t know what to tell you, a lot of things come out of which players are going to come. I can’t get into that. Mbappé is a great player, he has shown it, and good players are welcome, but it is not correct to talk about that now. But as a player he is top, top, one of the best in the world ”, Modric commented to the international press. The Madrid player did not hesitate to praise the forward of the PSG.


Regarding his rival on Wednesday, he commented that he would prefer the public in the game: “It is not an advantage, because football is like that now. Fortunately, it seems that there is little left. Personally, I preferred to play with full Anfield, with all the people, “he said. «A very demanding match, where we will have to be at the level of the competition. We have to do the first leg, defend and attack as a team. We are going for the game, we do not come to defend, we come to win, “he said.

He was calm and confident with the team’s performance: “We are fine, the wear is important, but we have to endure. We have worked very hard for nine months to be here, so we cannot complain of tiredness or I don’t know what. We have to keep working and being professionals. Hopefully in the end all this effort will be rewarded at the end »


Added to the intensity of your schedule, Modric He recognized the importance of Lucas Vázquez: “Lucas’s injury has affected us a lot. I hope he recovers soon and well. Difficulties unite us even more. we need all the players who are at a high level. There are many injuries, but we cannot complain and we have never complained. It’s fucking having these players injured, “he said.

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