Travis Mcmichael dead and Obituary 2021 – cause of death

The aunt of Ahmad Arbery, Theawanza Brooks, said on Wednesday that she was pleased that the three men convicted for the murder of his nephew might “not be released on parole for life”.

“They will get the same treatment as us, because they know Ahmed will never go home again, so they shouldn’t go home either,” she said. Travis McMichael, who shot Abery, his father Gregory McMichael and William “Rody” Bryan, was found guilty on Wednesday. Judge Timothy Wormsley did not schedule sentencing today, but said he plans to set a date for sentencing in the next few weeks.

The jury for the trial of the three men responsible for the death of Ahmed Arbery consisted of 11 whites and one black, but prosecutors told CNN that they believed that when the jury heard their When they argued, they would decide to find all three guilty, and they did it.

Paul Camarillo, the senior assistant district attorney of Cobb County, said that one of the prosecutor’s main goals was to simply show that the defendant’s assertion of self-defense is not a viable argument at all.

Camarillo said: “We have to prove that it does not apply to this situation. If they cannot overcome that obstacle, they will never be able to defend themselves.”

Cobb County Assistant District Attorney Larissa Ollivierre (Larissa Ollivierre) said that when a defense lawyer started talking about Abery’s toenails, she felt sorry for Abery’s parents.

“I think these comments are unnecessary and low. I just feel sad that Ahmed’s mom and dad have to sit there and listen to all these things,” Olivier said.

Dunikowski said that defense attorney Kevin Gough’s comments on black priests—although there was no jury present—are strategic.

“Sir. Gough is a very, very good lawyer. I believe that he did what he did consciously, intentionally and strategically in order to try to insert some potential errors into the case in case he loses the case and appeals. , ” she says.

“He is here, he did everything he was supposed to do, he fully cooperated, he did everything he could, and now he is considering spending the rest of his life in prison,” the lawyer continued when speaking to members of the media on Wednesday. afternoon.

Travis McMichael and his father Gregory McMichael, who shot Abery, were also convicted of murder and other charges. The three defendants are white and Abery is black.

Gough said he plans to appeal the decision regarding his client, noting that “we believe the court of appeal will overturn this conviction.”

Goff expressed doubts about the possibility of Brian’s parole.

“At his age, 25 years before he was eligible for parole? I think parole is not even something he would worry about now,” Gough said.

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