The viral video of Travis scott and Kylie Jenner leaked in networks

Reality star and beauty industry mogul Kylie Jenner posted a story on Instagram about an ambulance trying to pass through the crowds at the Space Festival and was attacked after authorities confirmed that at least 8 people were there. involved. Lost in chaos in Travis Scott’s speech at the event.

Jenner is looking forward to the concert with Scott’s second son, herself and her daughter Stormi. On Friday night, Jenner posted the video of her to 280 million followers on her Instagram. The video showed an ambulance trying to push its way through the crowd at the Houston Music Festival. The images appeared to be streamed live on her Instagram page on Saturday morning.

This video quickly aroused strong opposition, because many people said that her posts tasted bad.

One Twitter user wrote: “OMG I really can’t. Kelly posted the concert story on Instagram. You can clearly see the medical staff trying to get past. It’s really bad.”

Another netizen wrote: “I know it’s not her fault, but Kylie Jenner told a story from this video on #ASTROWORLDFest, as an emergency vehicle passing through the crowd during the show. It’s incredibly dystopia.”

One user said: “Kylie Jenner posted an Instagram story on astroworld while she was transporting a body in a medical vehicle. The woman had a problem.”

According to authorities, some 50,000 people attended the event shortly after 9 p.m. Friday, during the Travis Scott set, when the crowd began to flood the stage.

During the live broadcast of the event, the rapper appeared to pause his performance and watched in confusion as an ambulance arrived at the scene.

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña described the incident as “multiple casualties” and mentioned to reporters: “This is a tragic night. Tonight we have at least eight confirmed deaths. Dozens of people were injured in this event ”.

Authorities reported that 17 people were taken to the hospital, 11 of them suffered cardiac arrest and about 300 people were treated for other minor injuries (such as cuts and bruises) at a mobile medical unit in NRG Park.

Shortly after people started getting hurt, the organizing company Live Nation canceled the event and canceled the second and last day of the concert. The concert featured artists like SZA, Bad Bunny, and 21 Savage. Live Nation was unable to immediately comment.

Although the identities of the injured and victims in the incident are being confirmed, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo assured reporters that some of the victims who were taken to the hospital by ambulance were “only 10 years old.”

Hidalgo asked anyone who lost her family to participate in the festival to come to the Wyndam Houston Hotel at 8686 Kirby, where the Houston police established an information and reunification center.travis scott kylie jenner

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