Tremendous: a Sebastian Vettel fan wanted to hit Alexander Albon

Alexander Albon left the team Red bull after a poor performance in the 2020 season, being replaced by Sergio perez. The Thai will go on to compete in the DTM German, while complementing his work with Red Bull. In an interview prior to this category, the pilot commented on a curious anecdote about a fan of Sebastian vettel who wanted to hit him.

Albon recalled that a fan of the four-time champion of the Formula 1 wanted to hit him while he was in a bar, before the pandemic of coronavirus. This anecdote was told in an interview with the British media BBC. On the other hand, Albon assured that he was shocked to see how this fan reacted, who was with his wife.


“We were at one of the little parties we had after each race. There were some tables and an open bar. I met a fan of Ferrari who told me he was a huge follower of Sebastian Vettel. I sat at his table, as I was waiting to pick up drinks and I was tired of standing, “said Albon.

After this, the Vettel fan did not have the best of reactions according to the Thai. “He was with his girlfriend or wife and they got angry. They asked me to leave. Of course, the bar was next to the table and I told them it was a matter of a few minutes. He wanted to have a fight with me and tried to get me off the seat. It was one of those strange situations where you wonder what to do.

Finally, the Red Bull reserve driver laughed at what happened and confessed that this fan did not know him. «His wife went to look for the guards to get me out, but it was the opposite. The guards threw them out. I didn’t know what happened, but it seems I made them angry somehow. I could have told them who I was because I had just been with Vettel, “Albon said.

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