Tremendous accident at the Imola Grand Prix of Formula 1

Rolling about halfway through the Imola Grand Prix of the Formula 1, the strongest emotions occurred. A test that began complicated by the weather conditions, there was a very hard accident that involved Valtteri Bottas already George Russell. What’s more, Lewis hamilton lost great chances to win.

The Red Flag was seen on the Italian track after George Russell hit Valtteri Bottas hard. The Brit of the team Williams lost control of his car when he tried to overtake the Finn from Mercedes. According to his words on the radio, Russell lost control after a bad move by Bottas on the main straight.

Russell wanted to pass Bottas, who had a driving error. The British pilot dived to the right and wanted to pass. However, when hitting the grass, the Williams spun out of control, hitting the right side of the Mercedes hard. Both drivers abandoned, and raised the red flag, suspending the race momentarily.


The Imola Grand Prix did not start well for Lewis Hamilton. At the first corner he saw how Max verstappen it snatched the first position from him in a tremendous hand-to-hand fight. Within 15 laps, Hamilton had lost more than 5 seconds to Max Verstappen, who was leading comfortably. However, the absence of rain caused Hamilton to gradually discount that of Red Bull.

The track dried out, so both Verstappen and Hamilton decided to put on dry track tires. Verstappen took first place in the race, and Hamilton came out of the pits to make up ground. However, a run off the track at the first corner, with the circuit a bit wet, caused Hamilton to go to the leca. Fortunately for him, he was able to get the car back, although he lost seven positions.

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