Tremendous: Alpine warns that in 2022 they will have “The best car in history”

The team Alpine, which is the continuation of Renault, aims very high for the next few years in the Formula 1. The arrival of Fernando Alonso the French team made the expectations of the fans and the leaders of the team skyrocket. This week, the CEO of the brand already warned that in 2022 will have «The best car ever«.

The arrival of the new technical regulations of Formula 1 next year makes the teams that are at the bottom of the table improve their results. The coronavirus pandemic delayed these changes, which were due to be implemented this season. However, this allowed teams to work better with the new implementations, as it allows everything to be more even.

The CEO of Alpine, Laurent rossi, spoke to the official website of Formula 1. There Rossi stressed that they hope to have the best result of the daily work in the factory. “We will get everything we can out of this car, which is not the best. But it is a good car, and we will use it to adjust the organization of operations and, in the meantime, we will make sure to build the best car ever, “he said.

On the other hand, the manager joked about what is coming for the future of the team. “We hired a couple of high profile engineers and I am sure this new mayonnaise will taste great next year. We are French, so we know a thing or two about mayonnaise, ”said the brand’s CEO with a laugh.

First date

On the first round of the championship, the Alpine team did not have the best of races. Fernando Alonso had to abandon the test because a sandwich wrapper got into the brake duct, causing it to overheat. For its part, Esteban Ocon could not add units and finished in 13th position.


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