Tremendous! Apple would be designing its own video game console

UNITED STATES.- The consoles of video game They have been one of the greatest joys that has happened to the world. With the great amount of diversity that there is, it seems difficult to decide. And as if this were not enough, Manzana he is designing his to market in a hybrid format. Therefore, it would be very similar to Nintendo switch It has sold more than 84 million units.

For this reason, for Manzana to have a video game console comparable to Nintendo would be to enter the market through the big door. This of course has been a rumor that has been spreading from a Korean forum and cited by MacRumors. Undeniably, this would be a bomb and, as it is not confirmed, it has to be taken with a grain of salt, although it has been gaining strength.

Among the conjectures that are handled is that said console could be powered by a completely new Apple chip. In addition, it has been said that the design would be gaming with graphic performance and ray tracing that would have a good number of improvements. Thus, the company would already be in negotiations with several video game studios, among which Ubisoft is used to develop them.

Source: Pixabay.

Of course, no more details have been mentioned about this future console and why they have begun to make comparisons with Nintendo switch. In addition, this rumor has generated great expectations in terms of technology and video games. And although it has left a forum, madness has been unleashed in all social networks because it would be a real bomb.

On the other hand, it is important to note that some rumors had long since emerged that placed Qualcomm in the same boat, as they claimed that they are preparing to also launch a hybrid console with Android. Therefore, all of the above could make sense if we see that Apple wants to enter the competition in this area and, without a doubt, it would be quite interesting and competitive.


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