Tremendous! Mars in 8K: the video of the NASA researcher who is going around the world

USA.- Mars It continues to be the planet with the highest number of investigations and after the arrival of the Perseverance rover, the intrigue about the Red Planet continues to rise. Therefore, the researcher of the POT and ESA, Seán Doran has shared an amazing video where approximately one kilometer of the Martian surface is shown based on open images of different space projects in quality!8K!

In this sense, it is worth noting that the Meridiani Planum is an equatorial plain on Mars located west of the Sinus Meridiani and Doran’s video shows the images from HiRISE, the camera of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of the POT. In this way, the quality of the audiovisual is truly amazing and brings us closer to how this crater would look in full color, something that has surprised Internet users, who have even shown their “disappointment” for not being able to reproduce the images in 4320p.

But we are not only facing the Meridiani Planum, but you can glimpse sand storms, the Sun, the unfortunate fires in Australia or places full of snow, so these videos are a true audiovisual gem. Therefore, it would not be a bad thing to give us a few minutes to admire the beauty that floods the entire Universe, which continues to surprise us in each finding.

Visitors who came to Mars

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that a few weeks ago the rover Perseverance landed on the Red Planet on February 18. From there he has been able to send some high resolution images to generate a true madness among astronomy lovers. Some sounds have even been shared from Mars, both from the wind and from some “complications” that the rover has had.

On the other hand, the Ingenuity helicopter he is the second “visitor” and is getting closer to carrying out his first powered flight on the Red Planet. This was incorporated into Perseverance and has already taken off to touch Martian soil on April 3. Thus, its first flight is expected to be a test flight at a height of 3 meters and for 30 seconds, while one more is expected at a height of 5 meters.

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