Trigger Gumm dead and obituary, What Happened To Trigger Gumm?

Rip Trigger Gumm. You were a living legend. Thank you for showing me that limits exist only in the mind. I will never forget you asking me…. “Why are you here with all these idiots?!” I left and never went back. Thank you brother. You will be missed.

On July 24, 2006, Trigger Gumm was scheduled to attempt to break Ryan Capes’ 310-foot-4 world record, becoming the second person in history to jump over 300 feet. Recognize trigger gum.

Mad Mike bowed under the trigger’s gaze. Mike’s T-shirt reads: “Stop Midget Crime.” It’s such a serious issue these days, and it’s great to see someone finally step up and end it.

Triggers start practicing jumping. The shallow curvature of the launch pad causes the suspension to drop on a tight radius, and then the front end sticks out on the ramp. Keeping the tail 1/2 compresses the rest of the ramp. This results in a ramp that looks a bit like a wedge, with a wide, rounded bottom. The wedge robs the trigger of distance, which would have kept the suspension compressed longer on the launch pad to bounce back later. In fact, Trigger barely bounces to give him the “free” extra distance.

Here you can see that the front end of the Trigger is rebounding, while the rear end is still more than half compressed but is rebounding. Ideally, the bike would compress longer on the launch pad and bounce off the top. The radius at the bottom of the ramp is a little too fast, and the radius at the top 2/3 of the ramp is a little too slow.

Nothing says “good times” like a world record motorcycle jump. It’s time for Trigger to fight for gold. From left: Ryan Smith of Freek Racing, Freek’s “The Badger” rider, Trigger and Larry Badgewell.

Trigger and Co. cut in Freek Racing Rig. Notice Trigger’s smile, which means he’s about to take a deep breath. The cherry cabinet in the complex makes life look like a big bowl full of cherries.

“Evel Kinevel Forever” proves my theory that sign painters can’t spell. It is his task for the painter to put these words on the helmet.

Trigger couldn’t resist the little guy. “How’s the water at Buffalo Run?” The raccoon grabbed the bottle and started drinking. “Don’t talk about it. Leave me something,” said Dry Gum.

“Oh yeah? How about I dip my hands in your stinky water?” the raccoon asked. “What do you think? Huh? Make trouble with me, and I’ll take your boots.”

“Call Alpinestars now and tell them a raccoon from Oklahoma stole your boots,” the furry creature said. “As far as I’m concerned, you can dance Gary Wells style.” He was apparently referring to Gary Wells’ habit of wearing sneakers.

Trigger tried to get his boots back, but the toothy furball put his front teeth on him as a warning. “I could have stuck that finger to the second joint,” Raccoon said. “You better move on.”

The trigger missed and landed 17 ft 4 in from the bottom of the landing ramp with 220 ft of ramp clearance for a total of 202 ft 8 in. Since the launch pad was not in the center of the landing pad, he rammed the bike sideways from left to right, head heavy and crossed, before landing in the depression in the protective skirt. The bike landed on the ground, then bounced and switched hard. He couldn’t salvage it and went high on this trade. He lowered his head, snapped his head, and stumbled to a halt like a space shuttle disaster. The photo was taken after his helmet strap was cut and he finally caught his breath. Trigger’s debacle broke everyone’s heart. If course world records were easy, everyone would do it. This flea market shortens the world record for an attack on a flip-flop. He has to come back another day.