Rapper Trouble has reportedly dead after being shot at age 34

Atlanta rapper Trouble has reportedly passed away after being shot at age 34.

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DaBaby’s homophobic comments on Rolling Loud led to them being removed from the festival lineup and sparked backlash from the likes of The Roots’ Questlove and Elton John. But one person who disagrees with all the criticism is Atlanta rapper Trouble, who lashed out in a nearly four-minute Instagram video defending DaBaby on Tuesday (August 3).

“I absolutely don’t like any politically correct shit or anything from this shit buddy…I just rock my rock and my feel,” the trouble began. “And you bastards are really starting to piss me off bro. God, it’s all shit. How the fuck is muthafucka sitting on this fake culture shit with a smile on her face and looking at some n- gga shit ruins the people you picked up because of shit bugs.

“You act like an N-Gga and just walk up to this bitch and say, ‘Fuck all the gays, I don’t fuck no gays, no that shit.’ The N-Gga said, ‘If you don’t Don’t AID have HIV, turn your lighter on.” Bitch, if I was on stage, I’d turn on my lighter…bitch, I don’t get it. What about the 180,000 bastards who put lighters in the stands? “

Trouble continuing, “You bastards fake fuck and all these rap n-ggas, when it’s officially released, you want to make songs with n-ggas because you’re ready for some n-gga shit, an N -Gga-dick rides but you have nothing to say when that shit is taken from an n-gga or an n-gga in prison. All this shit is so fucking fugazi. N-gga Not against that shit. I may not agree with this shit, but at the same time I don’t have to. N-gga Not against muthafuckas being gay, or against you doing all that shit you fucking do in your own time. We are Our own people…we’re fucking grown up. But at the same time, you can’t force a muthafucka to fuck your shit.

“The conversation needs to change.” If we’re going to have a conversation about some shit instead of just saying, “Fuck it.” We do culture, we do music, we do dance, we he, our shit. You bastards need us. We make fashion, we tell you what muthafuckas bool is, and you follow suit. And your other n-ggas, you bastards, a flock of house n-ggas, a flock of damn sheep, keep up. “