Truly amazing! NASA reveals the photo of a “Sea of ​​dunes” on Mars

UNITED STATES.- The scientific community has been astonished after the POT will reveal a sharp photo of a “Sea of ​​Dunes” on Mars, which, they have assured that it has the same dimension as the state of Texas with no less than 30 kilometers wide. In this way, the Mars Odyssey orbiter has been in charge of collecting these data that undoubtedly continue to add to the investigations of the neighboring planet.

In this sense, it is worth clarifying that the image has been taken in black and white and has been the own POT who has “colored” it later. For this reason, it has been given the task of showing the areas with cold temperatures in the northern part of the Red Planet and that can be seen in the blue tones. At the same time, the warmer characteristics are glimpsed with yellows and oranges; meanwhile, the dark, sun-warmed dunes are in golden color.

Therefore, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration pointed out that the dark dunes shown in the image have been sculpted by the wind in long rows located in the region of the north portal cap. In addition, experts in the field specified that the area of ​​Mars covered by the “Sea of ​​Dunes” has an area of ​​30 kilometers wide, which is the same size as the state of Texas in the United States.

Source: NASA on Twitter.

Likewise, the own POT He has referred that the above combines images that have been taken during the period from December 2002 to November 2004 by means of the Thermal Emission Imaging System instrument on the Mars Odyssey orbiter. Thus, it was added that this is part of the 20th anniversary of Odyssey, which is the longest working spacecraft on Mars in all of history.

Currently, NASA has the Perseverance rover mission on Mars active, which has captured the eyes of everyone. This has been one of the feats that has had the greatest repercussion for humanity as it is historical in various areas. In addition to this, it is still waiting for the Ingenuity helicopter to make its first flight on the Red Planet to continue paying for this amazing task.

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