Truly amazing! The terrible implications that the new discovered supermassive black hole will bring to the universe

UNITED STATES.- A black hole, located about 230 million light years from our planet has attracted the attention of the scientific community. In this way, they have noticed an atypical movement of about 177 kilometers per hour and it has been classified as supermassive, which has generated great commotion in the field due to the “catastrophic” nature of this discovery.

In this sense, the finding was made by the astronomy team of the Harvard University, for which they detailed that the mass of the supermassive black hole is three times greater than the Sun. In addition, its displacement is taking place within a galaxy called “J0437 + 2456”. For this reason, hypotheses have begun to be presented by experts.

In the first place, it is speculated that it could be two black holes that are colliding with each other. On the other hand, it has been theorized that what is called a binary system is possibly part, so that one of them would be “hidden” but, it is not yet possible to detect it with the technology that we have on Earth, since it does not emit microwaves. of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Source: Pixabay.

In this sense, if it is a binary phenomenon, we could be facing a couple of these members. For their part, astronomers and astronomers detailed that this black hole was found thanks to a network of radio antennas and applying VLBI interferometry. This technology makes it possible to capture emissions such as Maser, which are produced from the water that orbits around supermassive black holes.

Supermassive Black Holes what are they?

These are distinguished by being structures located in the center of galaxies and function as active nuclei and feed on everything that happens around them. It does this by means of a rotating disk that is composed of dust and gas and, since it already contains smaller bodies, the black hole its size is increasing exponentially accelerated and therefore it is considered supermassive.

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