Tuchel’s reaction after the return of Sergio Ramos: “It changes a lot”

Tuchel, Chelsea coach spoke in the preview of his training with Real Madrid by Champions League. In his speech, the technician referred to the return of Sergio Ramos to the competition and the implications it will have on the team: «He is the captain and something changes, because he is the captain of the most successful team in the last ten years and he changes a lot. I think he will play as a starter but he does not play alone, “he reflected.

“We saw that we can trust ourselves and we have every right to be in the final and we must be confident and play without fear. Ramos is a difficult question because I don’t know, we’ll see if something changes, “said the coach of the Chelsea who also took the opportunity to congratulate the women’s team of the London club that will play against FC Barcelona in the final of this competition.

The coach does not lower his guard: «In the first half we did well and in the second we were able to do better. So far we have to maintain the intensity throughout the game. It’s a semi-final and there is pressure but arriving with that confidence is very important. If you do not have it, it is not worth against him Madrid. You have to feel the trust and they feel it, and that’s how we can get through. We know it is a challenge and in the first leg it was a consistent result. We beat Fulham and that gives us peace of mind, “he remarked.

He acknowledged that the merengue team will play differently: “I don’t know, if he will play with five or four behind, it will depend on Mendy and Ramos as well. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is not so important, but how you play, the intensity, the confidence, the necessary courage and we play at our best level, “he said. In addition to ensuring that the important thing is how the whole group behaves at a tactical level.

«We have another training session today and I want to see how everyone is doing. We must talk about the game in global terms, it is not defense or attack. The forwards have to show intensity, because everyone has to take responsibility. I think we created chances in the first leg to score more goals, but this will come with time. I trust all my players whoever plays. Nobody wins alone, “said Tuchel.

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