Tuesday 13: the myth that has transcended with immense phobia Is it really bad luck?

UNITED STATES.- The legends about the “Tuesday 13”Are still innumerable and has caused a great deal of phobia and fear among people. The “bad luck“Is one of the insignia of this day but is it really an announcement of a” catastrophe “? Through the Intra News We will tell you about this date and myth that has undoubtedly become one of the most controversial in the world.

In the first place, Tuesday the 13th as a symbol of bad luck occurs in Latin America, while in the United States or Anglo-Saxon cultures it is thought that Friday the 13th brings bad fortunes. Even in Italy the bad omen is Friday the 17th, but what is undeniable is the roots of this date under the saying: “On Tuesday the 13th, neither get married, nor embark, nor leave your home.”

In this sense, in Roman culture Tuesday the 13th was associated as the date of Mars, god of war, and the days were dedicated to this planet and god. On the other hand, this date gave an account of the birth of Typhon, the god of the hurricanes who tried to destroy Zeus by defeating the famous Titans. Thus, Tuesday the 13th brought such bad luck, according to the Egyptians.

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On the other hand, Norse mythology the number 13 and calamity is associated with Loki, the god of deception and betrayal. Meanwhile, for the Catholic religion, the 13th is the day that Jesus was crucified; the Last Supper had 13 people and of course the number 13 was Judas. And as a bonus, Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation reveals the appearance and arrival of the Antichrist. As for the Jewish Kabbalah, this number is that of death since there are 13 evil spirits.

All these references make the belief that the number 13, in truth, is a bad omen for many people and to this it is added that many buildings do not have their 13th floor or the planes do not contain the row with the same number. Even the phobia has been so capital that there is “triscaidecaphobia.” Finally, it is also important to note that, despite this belief, there are those who consider the number 13 to be good luck or, at least, try not to get carried away by popular beliefs.

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