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Rapper Kiddo CSA is a South African musician who has been signed to Warner Music Africa. He has teamed up with S1mba ( Zimbabwe/UK) and Reason (South Africa) to release a remix of his track Haibo. The song was first released in 2021 and has since been streamed more than half a million times. According to Kiddo, Haibo is an expression used to convey something that has surprised you, and it perfectly describes his life at the moment.

S1mba and Reason blew the studio up with their bars, energizing me to rise to my game and record another verse that matched their energy. My childhood dreams are coming to life every day in the studio, and I am excited about what the future will hold for me. A year ago, I never thought I would be where I am now. S1mba had a legendary experience in South Africa, and working with Reason and Kiddo in the studio. The three of them teamed up to give their take on the remix, which S1mba is excited about putting in the hard work to develop higher.

He wants to make sure that the people who supported him and helped him grow are proud of his work. Sipho Ncube, who is better known as Kiddo CSA, got the attention of both renowned producer Tee-WaTT and US rapper Mick Jenkins, which then resulted in his debut single ‘Stay Down’ coming out. He also appeared on Tumi Tladi, DJ PH and Da L.E.S’ 2020 track ‘Gotta Go’. The reason I connected with the original version of Haibo was because I really liked it, so when Kiddo asked me to do a remix, I agreed. People are going to like the new version of a song that was already great.