Twitter video of mass execution of members of Guerreros Unidos in Iguala

The video shows at least 20 people kneeling and being interrogated by members of the paramilitary organization Los Tlalocs led by Onésimo Marquina Chapa, “El Necho.”

Videos of mass executions of members of Guerreros Unidos in Iguala circulated on Twitter, at least 20 members of Guerreros Unidos were executed. This video posted by Los Tlalocs began circulating on Twitter Wednesday night.

A video posted on Twitter on Wednesday night showed that members of the alleged criminal group Guerrero Unidos were interrogated by members of the paramilitary organization Los Tlalocs, led by Onésimo Marquina Chapa (alias “El Necho”), minutes before being executed.

In this video, which lasted only more than two minutes, you can see how a person from Lost Lalocs covers his face, his voice is blurry and at least 20 men are kneeling, holding his name and nickname, and he was asked 11 questions . . He is your boss, what does he do?

“People from Iguala, here are the people who extorted and killed innocent people and women. This garbage scares this beautiful city,” said a member of the paramilitary group, and then ended with the following words: we said And it’s time. Up , this square already has a master ”, said the person who accused him of belonging to the Warriors Union.

Likewise, in this video, Los Tlalocs accused the mayor of Iguala, David Gama, of holding a protest in Guerrero on Thursday, September 30, saying that he and the leader of the Union of the State of Guerrero, Chuko Bu Lito (Chuco Brito) are in touch. In the aforementioned materials circulated on Twitter, all the people who were asked.

“Chucho Brito (…) You sat with (David) Gama (with him). They shook your hand and you bite him like other people who have helped you,” added the veiled subject.

In this sense, he promised that “the people of Serra will not forgive”, so if they do not ally with them, they will kill them.

At least four bodies were found this Wednesday morning inside an abandoned car in front of one of the tents of the elected mayor of Iguala, David Gama.

According to local authorities, the four bodies showed signs of torture and wounds caused by firearms.

It has not been confirmed if the bodies belonged to some men, the people who appear in the video published by Los Tlalocs or the criminal group Guerreros Unidos.

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