Two cousins twitter video leaked, Live Cousin Accident Video: Who Is 6mile.btc On Twitter and reddit?

Accident involving living cousin The video went viral on social media after two young children were accidentally mutilated.

Who Is 6mile.btc

Two cousins ​​came to live with us and accidentally shot themselves in what is now national news. Her parents were distraught and described the situation as a tragedy. On the other hand, Internet searches for videos.

Let’s dive into the details of the tragedy, including testimony from her family.

Want a live cousin accident video

The two cousins ​​were on vacation with their families and had a great time. Seventh grader Paris Harvey and eighth grader Cullen Harvey were reportedly standing in front of a mirror while they were livestreaming on Instagram.

This is not a turbulent, contentious or combative environment. They had fun and showed the world their bright side, and Paris shot her cousin before killing herself.

A homicide-suicide was initially suspected, but after talking to the family, it was determined to be an accident. According to their grandmother, they weren’t supposed to play with the little ones, but they did, which led to the disaster.

Searching all over the internet for this particular live video right now. Likewise, some social media accounts have started spreading the message.

Who is Sivva_Tweets on Twitter?

Sivva Tweets is a Twitter account that posts and pinned Cousins’ live video. Although it was unethical, it was widely shared and the video has garnered over 1600 likes.

While the source of the video appears to be someone close to Paris and Cuaron, the Twitter user did not reveal his identity. If you check out this Twitteratti’s past tweets, you’ll see that he follows the norms of the social media community.

However, since it contains some inappropriate videos and images, we cannot rule out that the account will be banned in the near future. Lots of other controversial content was posted as well.

The rounding of this video is unethical and illegal because it contains two minors. There may be legal consequences if this account is not deleted soon. It also has an Instagram account where the owner asks its audience for 4,000 Instagram followers.