Understand why Goku gave Cell of the Gods Seed to Dragon Ball Z

In Dragon Ball Z we know several remarkable villains that are still popular today. Names like Freeza, Majin Buu and Cell have never left the minds of fans, being considered the best villains in the entire franchise.

In Dragon Ball Z we met Cell, a very powerful villain who took a lot of work to be defeated and, knowing that the villain was very problematic, even so Goku decided to give him a little help by giving him a Seed of the Gods to become stronger. But why the hell would Goku do such an idiotic thing?

Today we answered.

That moment was the reason why many fans got angry at Goku and it was one of the reasons why many of them considered Goku to be a terrible father for Gohan and that Piccolo was the boy’s real father. The context is always important to the story and Goku provides some logical reasoning behind this stupid attitude in a very indirect way.

First, Goku is a warrior who believes in a fair fight. This is something that was taught to him by Master Kame and, as such, it is a very ingrained part of the character. First, Cell was not at his 100% at the time Goku gave him one of the seeds so he could have a fair fight, and second, Goku wanted Gohan to defeat the alien and, therefore, helped his enemy by giving him more power so that this would arouse a great rage in his son, serving as a trigger for the awakening of a new power.

However, Goku forgot to think that Gohan might not awaken this power as he imagined, putting his son at risk of life and making everyone question his actions. Even Piccolo, who is a close friend of the Saiyan, was irritated by a father’s irresponsible attitude, not thinking that his son may not have the potential he imagined.

Therefore, Goku gave Cell of the Gods to Cell in a selfish attitude in imagining and wanting his son to overcome him without thinking about the consequences of his actions, making this one of the dumbest attitudes he has ever taken in the entire series.

Dragon Ball Super is currently on hiatus. The anime ended in March 2018 with the end of the Tournament of Power.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the manga continues to be published monthly with unprecedented adventures.

In this new phase, Goku and Vegeta face a new challenge: Granolah, the survivor. This character suffered at the hands of the Saiyans at the behest of Freeza in the past, and now seeks revenge.

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