Unusual confession of a former Barcelona player: “Messi needed help”

Albert ferrer He is a former player of Barcelona and it coincided with Ronald Koeman in his time as a benchmark for the culé team. In an interview with The Sun, he not only referred to the team’s present, but also to the Argentine forward «Messi I needed help “, he analyzed for said English medium. The tension on the continuity of the footballer, generated reactions of all the Barcelona world and this did not go unnoticed.

«I am convinced that Messi is thinking that this is the correct project, that he feels comfortable again. He has been carrying the weight of the team for 13 or 14 years and there was a time when he needed help. Ronald Koeman has given it to him ”, commented Ferrer who did not doubt that Lionel stay in the team, for him this project is reason enough to continue wearing the culé shirt.

«You see that Messi is important in the team, but now there are also Pedri, Dembélé, Frenkie De Jong… A lot of players that Messi can count on. Now he feels that he is surrounded by a good group of young talents and a project that has convinced him to stay, “commented the former player who, throughout the interview, praised the Dutch coach:” Koeman is a very talented coach and a A team like Barcelona cannot forget the hero of the club that he is, ”he said.


«Nobody likes to lose El Clásico. But due to the circumstances of this season at Barcelona, ​​the project is working so well that, despite not winning this match or winning trophies, it should be enough. What Ronald Koeman has achieved… I don’t know if he will win a title, but this season I don’t think it should be the most important thing, ”Ferrer commented.

«At Barça it is always important to win, but the work you have done Koeman, give importance to young people and create a project, think in the medium term, it is very exciting, “he said. «In football you never know. If they do not win the League and lose the final of the Copa del Rey, it cannot be said that it is a good season. Will it be enough for them? I do not know. But I see clearly that it is the right project and that it must have continuity, “he said in that interview.

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