Unusual: he had his first podium in MotoGP and forgot the trophy in Qatar

A weeks ago the second date of the 2021 season of MotoGP. There, more than surprising results were given, among which was the first podium of Jorge Martin. In his second career in the top flight, the Spaniard took third place in the Losail Grand Prix and in this way he is emerging as one of the best debutants for this year.

The Spaniard was giving an interview to nothing more and nothing less than Jorge Lorenzo. The former driver and world champion is hard at work on his new channel Youtube and he released a new interview section, and he did it together with ‘Martinator’, as Jorge Martín is nicknamed. On the other hand, in his personal account, the pilot of Pramac He confessed an unusual mistake he made a week ago.

Trophy in Qatar

Martin showed the trophy he obtained after taking his first pole in MotoGP. However, the Spanish confessed that in the rush to leave the Arab country, he left the most important trophy forgotten. “I forgot the trophy in Qatar, I forgot it at the office, we were in a great hurry to leave the circuit,” the pilot confessed with a laugh.


Against Jorge Lorenzo, Martin assured that he keeps his feet on the ground, despite having a pole in two races. «I never thought that the rest was bad or that I am very good. From the beginning I felt very comfortable with the bike. I can do almost what I want with it. It is a motorcycle that allows me to do a lot. You come to think that you can fight for great things.

On the other hand, he commented on his feelings after leading much of the Qatar race, despite not having the expected pace. “I expected to lead three or four laps. But when I saw that they were not even trying to overtake me, I was in shock. When I started to listen to a motorcycle I started pulling. I concentrated on driving, on not failing, ”said the Spaniard.

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