Unusual! They hacked the Twitter account and the Real Madrid website, what did they do?

The Real Madrid was a victim of hack in the last hours. From the team’s website and official social networks, specifically Twitter rotated a false press release that reported the alleged injury of Rodrygo. Comparisons of the typography and the good condition of the Brazilian player were just some of the deductions that determined the lack of veracity of the message.

«After the tests carried out on our player Rodrygo by the Medical Services of the Real Madrid He has been diagnosed with a muscle injury with tendon involvement in the right biceps femoris, “said the false statement. It should be remembered that the Real Madrid footballer did suffer this injury several months ago, but he has already recovered and is available for the team.

According to Spanish media, the news reached the player’s father, who woke up his son with several phone calls due to concern. This would be another proof of the falsity of the statement. «The first image is of how Real Madrid puts the parts. The second, what they have put on Rodrygo. I insist Rodrygo is NOT injured », Arancha Rodríguez, journalist.

However, among many fans there are doubts. «But if then you enter the Madrid twitter and it says that if he is injured, as it is not a hack…. It does not make sense that the official website and twitter put the same thing, since you hack Madrid’s page because it does not put Principle of Agreement with Mbappé or something similar to see if we rejoice for 1 day, some of the messages.

Finally, Real Madrid deleted the trill, the medical part and the url does not exist. It is expected that in the next few hours they will issue a statement explaining the situation. An extra-sporting incident that increases the team’s tension in the preview of the Champions League round of 16 match against Atalanta. Commitment that has a 1-0 advantage to those of Zidane.

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