Tiktok star Namy Menang, aka Uwu Girl, is dead

Namy Menang a.k.a “uWu girl” has passed away due to heart failure. Her viral TikTok made us all laugh and that for sure will always be remembered. Thank you so much Namy, No one can replace your uWu.

What happened to Uwu Gurl?

The names you’ve heard are starting to ring again in hot-topic clusters. Well, one of the most famous sensations of social networks, Hannah Kabel, or better let’s say Notaestheicallyhannah, has started to become her trend again, one of the most recent videos, or rather, scandal videos of this Becoming a hot topic on the internet again. . Netizens are watching. You must want to know what the video is about or what’s in the video, so stick around.

However, this girl is already a superstar on Twitch, a lot of people are always excited to see her, but she has done something recently, why are you also looking for her and following her. You will be glad to know that Notaestheicallyhannah is only 18 years old, she is one of the famous Twitch online presenters, she is also an Instagram model and has more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Also, this charming 18-year-old girl has established a very large fan base and, in a short period of time, she usually plays Just Chatting most of the time, except that she also plays Phasmophobia. Between us, Minecraft and Destiny 2, etc.

Well, speaking of her scandal video of her, so if you read it for the first time, you will know that she has an OnlyFans account. Anyone who wants to see the video of her must be 18 years old or at least 18 years old. There she uploaded her videos and her invisible content, but some of her personal videos went viral on the Internet, and those who had always wanted to see her invisible content rejoiced. Now millions of people all over the place. the country have seen the videos of her and images of her. Hannah’s video has caused serious damage to the internet, whether we are talking about Twitter, Reddit or some other social media sites, the video has been seen by most of the people and shared everywhere, and because of this incident , the most disturbing amazing TikTok is a banned entertainment platform. She got it from the website. Let’s see how far the video trend will go.

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