Who is YouTuber Valkyrae? Photos and videos leaked reddit an twitter

After the anchor Valkyrae’s skin care series RFLCT was criticized for its promise to help offset the negative effects of computer lights,” YouTube issued a statement. Yesterday, Valkyrae released a voice note acknowledging the delay and promising in the future Answer questions during the live broadcast.

RFLCT’s website claims that “the sun was once the only source of blue light, but with today’s technology, we have always been exposed.” It continues to describe how all digital screens emit blue light, and it claims that over time it will damage your skin and Eye. RFLCT says it can “protect” the skin from blue light. However, due to the lack of scientific evidence, these products and RFLCT’s claims were quickly criticized.

Medical experts interviewed by The New York Times seemed to be divided on the effects of blue light on the skin and pointed out that it may have pros and cons. A doctor specifically pointed out that antioxidants are not a scientifically proven method to prevent blue light. This is a problem for RFLCT because its website claims that the blue light protection of its products comes from “super antioxidants.” A chief scientist at Beiersdorf, a large skin care company, completely refuted the effects of blue light on the skin.

The New York Times also reported that more blue light comes from sunlight than digital screens. One recommendation recommended by professionals is sunscreen. However, the RFLCT website does not mention any SPF on its product page.

Final Fantasy XIV has many mounts, but only one sneezes Although other well-known anchors are happy to see their peers start their businesses, Twitter’s response is not so optimistic. Some users pointed out that the impact of blue light on the skin was negligible, and many users called RFLCT a “scam.”

“I also want to say that all the hatred, suspicion, worry and criticism are well-founded and effective,” Valkyrie said in her voice memo. “I fully understand where you are from. When I saw the site, I was also very frustrated and confused, and there were no links to research, and no credits to the laboratory or the people who worked behind the scenes to achieve RFLCT. Very confusing. , Lack of a lot of information, but they are now updating.”

After criticizing the Blu-ray statement on Twitter, Twitch anchor 39daph addressed other issues regarding Valkyrae skincare in the live broadcast. Despite the criticism, 39daph stated that she believes Valkyrae’s intentions are correct.

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