The video scandal of Varo Vargas, Mister Supranational 2021, intimate video leaked on twitter

The Peruvian model Varo Vargas, known for winning and representing Peru in the Mister Supranational international beauty pageant, used his Instagram account to raise his voice and apologize after an intimate video was leaked on social networks.

In the clip, the young man confirmed the existence of the aforementioned video and assumed full responsibility for the complications that he brought. Vargas pointed out that a few years ago he was betrayed by a man for his audiovisual material.

Hi, I’m Varo Vargas, and three years ago I decided to send private content to someone I fully trust. This content came back to my mind a few days ago in a less positive way, in an unexpected way, especially disappointing. way,” the host began as well.

“I don’t think a video targeted at one person in particular ends up being seen by a lot of people around the world. That is why I am here, showing my face and assuming my responsibility, ”he added.

Likewise, he did not hesitate to apologize to the country and to all the people and organizations that worked with him. “In the meantime, an apology to Peru. To everyone who has supported me here and around the world. Of course, to countries and international organizations. I also want to say ‘thank you’ to all of them for what they have done to me. and me during these difficult times. The compassion and kindness of the family.

In the end, he wanted to close by leaving a reflection on trust for all his followers. “I want to close this message with a reflection: let’s not let our destiny be in the hands of other people, let’s be very careful with trust, especially when it comes to very personal issues.”

Varo Vargas, supranational of 2021, apologizes after an intimate video is leaked. Video: Instagram / @varo.vargas
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The organizer of Miss Peru, Jessica Newton, did not stop speaking out in support of the model on her Instagram account. As usual, businesswomen do not remain silent when faced with events that go against the image of the event.

Cassandra Sánchez de Lamadrid’s mother retweeted Vargas’ video in which she took responsibility for leaking the intimate video and wrote a brief but thoughtful message.

“We must always protect our privacy, people do not always have good intentions,” wrote the social network, taking the opportunity to point out Mr. Supranational.