Victor Richards Has Reportedly dead At 56 Years Old – cause of death

The bodybuilding industry is suffering from another tragic death of this sport’s legend. This time, it appeared in the form of Victor Richards, who was 56 years old when he died. Richards was born in Nigeria and then moved to the United States.

He is considered one of the first large-scale monsters, walking around with a frame of over 300 pounds, which looks incredible. Sadly, news broke out on Wednesday morning.

The source confirmed to FitnessVolt that Victor had passed away at the age of 56. At the time of writing, the cause of death has not been determined, although some speculate that it may have been a heart attack.

Victor Richards (Victor Richards) has been a great athlete since he was a child. During his school years, he had achieved success in football, track and field and wrestling. However, it was the world of bodybuilding that inspired him from an early age.

Inspired by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva, Victor began to lift weights and grew into the huge physique he was eventually known for. Interestingly, he has never participated in the competition as a professional bodybuilder, but has participated in several competitions as an amateur.

Instead, Richards was known for posing for a large number of guests throughout the 80s and 90s. There was even one thing that someone saw him taking a photo with Dorian Yates in the offseason, and it was obvious that he even maintained his posture most of the time.

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