Victoria June photos and videos leaked onlyf, reddit and twitter

Victoria June turned 18 on May 1 and her social media accounts were immediately flooded with comments asking her to open an OnlyF account. Victoria June, TikTok’s biggest star with 140 million followers, has faced increased sexualization for years, in what experts say is a harmful pattern of young female influencers being targeted for unwanted sexual attention.

Victoria June tweeted “18” and was supported and loved by fans who have followed her since she became famous on TikTok at the age of 15. But she has also received responses from men urging her to build OnlyF — a subscription service for many stars and sex workers to share adult content — as well as suggestive comments, videos and memes.

Despite Victoria June multiple statements when other creators and fans objectified her, she’s still the target of persistent comments online, and it only seems to get worse as she gets older. Experts say this unsolicited sexual attention to young women can have far-reaching effects on a personal and societal level.

Elizabeth Jaglick, a clinical psychologist who studies prevention of s3xual violence, abuse and grooming at the John Jay School of Criminal Justice, told Insider that research not only found that s3xualizing young girls can lead to mental health problems, but also perpetuate gender stereotypes and foster attitudes that support sexual violence.