Vídeo Victoria Simmons twitter and reddit onlyf, leaked influencer in full download

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Vídeo Victoria Simmons twitter and reddit onlyf

Australian Lucy Bank, 31, has become a star on the adult content platform OnlyF after deciding to quit her job as a bank teller.

It all started when a colleague of hers convinced her to join the platform. She was reluctant to believe, but encouraged her to explore because her work took up so much of the children’s time.

That is how in 2019, Lucy began to sell her content through the popular platform until she managed to position herself as one of the highest paid models on the site.

Victoria Simmons twitter and reddit

In conversation with the Daily Star, she said that besides the money, what motivated her to make the change was having more time to take care of the young children.

Today, she says she is “very lucky” to be able to dedicate herself “full time” to raising her by taking photos and videos of her while they sleep or go to school. Three years after the sentence, she earned between 100 and 200 million Colombian pesos a month.

The woman also recounted some of her most extravagant experiences with platform users.

“I found myself doing a lot of things that I never thought I would do. I was getting paid to oil a kitchen bench and then oil and slide my naked body!” she recalls.