13 years old viral tiktok video and reddit download – whats happened?

Now, the video of Gisella Anastasia seems to make an impact on social networks again. This time around, Gisel’s video is not as long as 19 seconds as the video that was widely circulated previously, but this video is only about 13 seconds long. In this video, Giselle’s posture is the same as when someone wants to do push-ups.

Giselle at the beginning of the video made a very happy face, her mouth wide open. In the video, Giselle is wearing an orange shirt, but you only wear it halfway. In this way, you can also see Giselle wearing a sports bra, which is a feminine underwear designed for sportswear.

Especially her subordinates, this time Giselle was wearing black shorts. In the video, the woman in her 30s looks very cheerful, without a trace of anxiety or sadness on her face. Even the videos uploaded by Giselle have been viewed more than 20 million times so far, which equates to exactly 21.7 million.

Recently, a viral video of artist Gisella Anastasia, or often referred to as Gisel, caused a sensation among netizens.

In the last 13 seconds of Gisel’s video, a man appears alongside Gading Marten’s ex-wife.

Gisel’s 13-second video also became popular on Douyin, sparking heated discussions among netizens, with more than 20 million views and more than 30,000 comments.

In the 13-second video, Giselle appeared to show off her sporting moves, thrilling netizens, no less than in the 19-second video with Nobu in 2017.

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