Video: Alonso, Schumacher and Senna, the first memories of the Formula 1 drivers.

In the preview of the season 2021 of the Formula 1, the pilots in the category answered several questions. Among them they should have told what were the first memories they had as fans, before reaching their dream. Alonso, Schumacher Y Senna they were the main protagonists of the memories of the youngest pilots.

Lance Stroll, Fernando Alonso Y George Russell received the question from Formula 1. What is the first memory that comes to mind? The first to respond was the pilot of Aston martin, who spoke about the most important duel of the last 20 years of the category: Fernando Alonso vs. Michael Schumacher.


«I remember the years when Alonso fought with Schumacher for the World titles. Getting up early, very early, to watch the races. Other memories are those of Canadian Grand Prix when I was a kid. It was the most exciting weekend of the year. I was getting ready to go to the track and see the cars, ”Stroll recalled.

Alonso and Russell

For his part, Alonso had no choice but to respond according to his age. The Spaniard could not hide that he is one of the ‘oldest’ in the paddock and remembered a battle from the 80’s. “My first memories are of when I was six or seven years old, watching the news. In those years, Formula 1 was not broadcast in Spain. I remember the Spanish Grand Prix with Ayrton senna Y Alain Prost fighting for victory. I looked at those 10 or 15 seconds and they were my favorites of the day, ”Alonso said.

By last George Russell, one of the youngest in the paddock remembered the title of Jenson button in the 2009 season. «My first memory is getting up at six in the morning to see the Australian Grand Prix. I remember the white and yellow car leading with our dear friend, Mr. Button, “commented the team driver. Williams.


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