Video: Cristiano’s messages for Ansu Fati, Haaland and Mbappé

Christian He has more than 274 million followers on Instagram, not only is he the person with the most followers on this social network, he is also one of the most important sports references. Not surprisingly, it is the image of important brands related to the beautiful sport. In a recent commercial activation from his personal account, the Portuguese took the opportunity to send messages to Ansu Fati, Haaland, Mbappe and Vinicus.

The emojis and greetings through their stories did not go unnoticed. «Come on Ansu Fati, you will be back soon. Come on, ”wrote Ronaldo. “Boom” in a great goal at the angle of Haaland. Throughout his career, Mbappé has expressed his total admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo, for him a «top» in the video. The Portuguese replicated the audiovisual material of each one, of these and other football referents that are linked to that sports brand.

Ansu Fati

One of the most complex situations goes through Ansu Fati who is still recovering from his knee injury. In the next few days it is expected to know more details of his evolution: «A few years ago, I had a serious injury, a fractured tibia and fibula. I was almost a year without being able to play, “wrote the young man in a recent message on his Instagram account where he adds about six million fans.

«There were many days of suffering and pain, but also a lot of learning, it helped me to appreciate small details. With my family and all the professionals who helped me at that time, I promised myself to keep going and work harder than ever to do what I like the most, “added the Barcelona forward in that emotional confession.

For this greeting he used a postcard from his trainings, “Unfortunately, now I have to live a similar situation, which I will face with the same mentality. I want to thank all those people who follow me and support me on a daily basis. Soccer is my life and no matter how many obstacles there are, I will always have the illusion of continuing to fight for my dreams, ”said the youth squad.

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