The video Flumingss twitter and reddit leaked luckyduhh – Kuaron Harvey dead

Paris Harvey, 12, accidentally shot and killed her cousin Kuaron Harvey, 14, before shooting herself on Instagram Live. The cousins ​​were attending a family birthday party in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, when the incident occurred.

Police began investigating at the scene shortly after 2 a.m. Friday. The family has since described the tragedy as an “unusual accident”.

During the party, the two children played with guns in the bathroom and filmed a video together. The video showed Paris Harvey reaching for the gun when it was hit, the Post reported. The two children were reportedly shot in the head.

Law enforcement agencies have yet to release the findings of the investigation. It is unclear who will be charged in the shooting. Police assumed murder-suicide. However, the family was not convinced.

Paris Harvey’s mother Sinise Harvey told the publication:

“It wasn’t murder. It wasn’t suicide. It was a crazy accident. It happened.”
The mother explained that the cousins ​​were not allowed to attend the event but relented after endlessly begging her to attend. Shinise admitted not seeing the video of the kids, explaining that the cousins ​​were trying to be “too hip.” She continued:

“No matter how hard we try to raise our children, they will still dare.”

The children’s grandmother, Susan Dyson, told the paper that the children were not involved in the brawl. She believed that the guns they were playing with should never go off. She also explained that children should not be allowed to carry guns at all. She added:

“They played with guns when they weren’t supposed to. Of course they shouldn’t. I think it just took off. Accidentally dropped.”

I just saw the video of Paris Harvey, 12, accidentally shooting her cousin Kuaron Harvey, 14, after praying to her family, may they cry

The family told the news outlet that Paris and Kuaron were very close and called each other siblings. They meet regularly, rap together, and make videos and pranks together.

Paris Harvey’s aunt, Angel Dyson, told the outlet that the couple are usually “much older than they are”.