Video: Formula 1 drivers answer the most curious questions

With the start of the 2021 season of the Formula 1, the official accounts of the category presented some details of the lives of the competitors. This time, the most important drivers answered some curious questions from their private lives, such as their first car, their first podium or their daily life off the tracks.

True to form, the first to attract attention was Kimi raikkonen. ‘Iceman’, like several pilots had to make the typical previous noise to start the recording. But the pilot of Alfa Romeo refused to do so. “That’s your job. I don’t have to do it, “said the 2007 champion, smiling shyly at the camera.


The first and the last time … That was the main slogan that the pilots had to. The first question was about which was the first private car of each of them. The first to answer was Valtteri Bottas, who recalled that he had a Ford Cougar style Coupé. Sergio perez He assured that he had a Chevy, which he inherited from his older brothers. Fernando Alonso He also answered, and said that he had in Renault Megane in 1999.

They also remembered when was the last time they checked information about him on the internet. Alonso was sincere and replied that that morning he had sought information. Sebastian vettel for his part, he assured that “With three children I am very busy.” Max verstappen He also confirmed that it was sought, although he did so for news of his simulator careers.

On the other hand, the pilots were consulted for the first time in which a fan asked them for an autograph. Carlos Sainz He confessed that he was asked for his first autograph at the age of seven, although not because he was known. ‘Nobody knew me. They did it because he was the son of Carlos Sainz. You will surely be famous in the future. Something similar happened to Alonso, who was told “This signature will be worth a lot in the future. I don’t know if they’ve already sold it, “he said with a laugh.

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