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In an interview with Melty, Alix Desmoineaux released a real box office hit. The young woman who has withdrawn from the world of reality TV can no longer take care of some things.

If she has balanced some of the behind-the-scenes indiscretions in this setting in her book Glow Up of her, she will become aware of the crimes committed by the candidates that still appear on television.

For no reason, she pointed to the person’s name, and she Alix claimed to have seen the video in which the candidate tried to “put her own affairs in the mouth of a 16-year-old girl.” She cried. He grabbed her by the hair and she struggled. He threw her on the bed and said, “Hurry up, you’re not kidding, I’m going to see your girlfriend.”

Since there is no evidence on her and fearing that she will be sued for defamation if she reveals the name of the candidate in question, Alix would prefer not to reveal her identity.

Illan Castronovo has proof that he is the target of this accusation
Yilan spoke about the case again on social media. He first posted a 10-minute story on Instagram, saying there were no videos showing him commenting on such crimes. He even invited people to post this famous video that did not exist in his opinion.

They charged me for free without proof. Since then, he has proof that Alix talked about him in his interview. He told his community:

Ilan Castronovo responds to the accusations of Alix @Instagram
As a reminder, Illan Castronovo and SebyDaddy were good friends before they broke up. Later, Yilan claimed to be living in “hell”.

I’ll tell you that what you’ve done to me is inhuman.

Yilan said that as far as I know, no one has filed a complaint against him. Cynthia, the ex-girlfriend who had an affair with Yilan, came out of silence after the incident. This man is the greatest mediocrity I have ever met.

As far as she’s concerned, Alix regrets not saying it sooner, nor is she proud to keep it. In any case, SebyDaddy claimed that he did not have a video in which Yilan would do such a thing to a young woman.

According to blogger Wassim Tv, the woman could be Léa des Princes de l’Amour 7. She claimed to have filed a complaint with Illan, but did not specify her true motives.

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