Video leaked Man k1lls ex wife on facebook live reddit – Rajaee shareef black dead?

A Baltimore anesthesiologist shot his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the head, confessed it on Facebook Live, then murdered his wife, and a terrible double murder on Saturday after years of custody struggle Shooting himself in the suicide incident.

Rajaee Black, 44, is a practicing anesthesiologist in Baltimore, Maryland, but was fired earlier this year due to a workplace dispute.

On Saturday, he announced on Facebook Live that he had just murdered his 41-year-old ex-girlfriend Talalabang, and his wife was “next.” “I just shot my ex-girlfriend in the head. It feels like a dream. I never thought I would be that person.

“I can’t go to jail, so the person who really caused my depression is my ex-wife. So, she next. Then I will be myself,” he said in the disgusting scene. Standing outside Wendy’s house, he said, “Oh, my ex-wife is there.”

He moved the camera to the front porch, where she could be seen opening and closing the door quickly, and then he strode into the house.

Just before the end of the video, he can be heard saying: “Today is today.”

Soon after, the police found their bodies in the house. Their child was found safe and sound in a gray SUV outside his home.

It is unclear their age. It is believed that before k1lling Wendy, he first put the children in the car. In his rant, Rajaee claimed that he had a custody battle with these women.

The “Baltimore Sun” quoted court records showing that he and Wendy had a series of domestic abuse allegations and custody disputes, but it is not clear whether Tara has any such clues.

The first woman he k1lled was his 41-year-old ex-girlfriend Tara Labang, who was found dead at home. It’s not clear when they dated, but they worked

On Facebook, her friend mentioned that she is a mother.

Until earlier this year, Rajaee worked as a nurse practitioner in Baltimore, helping with anesthesia during the operation.

His ex-wife and ex-girlfriend are both nurses.

Earlier this year, he complained that he was fired, claiming that the University of Maryland Medical System unfairly fired him after he whistled to a doctor who was hiding medicine in his locker.

He claimed that no one wanted to work with him after that, and said that he had no choice but to “risk his life” as a nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City.

Tara worked with Rajaee at the University of Maryland Capital Region School of Health for at least some time.

“We are deeply saddened by the tragic incident surrounding the death of a team member who took care of patients in our hospital under a contract with a medical service provider.

Speaking of her death, a spokesperson said: “We express our heartfelt condolences to her family and are providing grief counseling to her colleagues.”

Wendy works as a nurse anesthesiologist at Howard County General Hospital.

It is not clear how many children she and Black had, or how old they are now.

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