Is there a video of Dayane Mello? – The rape of a model during a TV show in Brazil

Police sources reported this Saturday that Brazilian authorities are investigating the alleged violation of a model in a reality show broadcast by a local television network.

Raped in a Brazilian TV show

The São Paulo police began investigating the 29-year-old singer Leno Maycon Viana Gomes, whose better known name is Nego do Borel, for being suspected of sexually coercing the model Dayane Mello when she was intoxicated by drinking alcohol.

The São Paulo Public Security Secretariat said in a report: “The victim’s lawyer appeared in the police district, recounted the incident and showed images of what happened,” adding that it did not require further details to “guarantee the autonomy of police. . Works”.

These events occurred at dawn this Saturday and caused a commotion in Brazil. Internet users demanded the expulsion and punishment of Nego de Borrell. There have been other reports of physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

In the videos and images that circulate on social networks, it can be seen that the model was completely intoxicated after attending the party of the reality show “A Fazenda” broadcast by RecordTV, but she rejected the singer’s advance.

At the same time, other participants repeatedly expressed concern about the woman’s condition and advised the singer not to sleep with Dayane without her consent, so as not to “cause trouble.”

In a wave of criticism from citizens, celebrities and even politicians, the television network announced the expulsion of the singer. After it carried out a “rigorous and long-term legal analysis”: “In view of the facts that have been verified, the Management TV registry decided that Nego do Borel would withdraw from the competition,” said the television network.

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