Video: spectacular accident in a new Rally category

This weekend started a new category in the world of Rally. In the African desert, the Extreme E began its first season with the most important figures in the specialty. However, this Saturday the first accident severity in which he was involved Claudia hurtgen, German pilot, who is part of the category.

The German went to a high speed zone and spun in the air, causing a great dust cloud and the fright of all those present. The race was red flagged for several minutes. Fortunately, Hurtgen was not seriously injured in the accident and made his own way out of the electric car.

Extreme E

This new category involves several factors. The first of these is that the huge cars are electric, in an initiative to help the environment. The second is that teams must have a man and a woman in their car. The woman can be a pilot or co-pilot, that will depend on the structure. Finally, the races are carried out in paradisiacal places, to raise awareness about nature.

The category has several recognized figures, both on and off the track. At the controls of the cars are illustrious names of the rally. Carlos Sainz (father) is one of the candidates to win the title, along with his co-driver Laia sanz. Another important figure is that of Sébastien Loeb, that will be next to Cristina Gutierrez. Many riders in the category raced the last edition of the Dakar.

On the other hand, there are two illustrious figures from the world of motorsport. Lewis hamilton and Nico Rosberg They will be part of the category, although they will not drive the huge cars. The seven-time champion owns the team X44, whose pilot is Loeb and Gutierrez. For his part, the German owns the team RosbergxRacing. Is also Jenson button, who drives his own team’s car.

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